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About me

My name is Aleksandra Winiarska-Fitzpatrick and I am of Polish descent who lives with her family in Ireland. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland with a degree in Ceramics and Glass.

 Aleks Designs and Bartus Studio are my two brands. At Aleks Designs, all products are made from natural fibers, including Australian merino wool, silk, linen and bamboo. At Bartus Studio me and my husband Peter, we are making pottery, there is also collection of cotton scarves and cotton blouses with hand painted designs and other applications. Bartus studio were created after the death of my beloved father, Edward Bartus, who taught me to think creatively, to be an independent woman and, above all, gave me the faith and courage to go my own way.

 I am a person who loves to create, a person who does not like or know boredom.  Usually, I feel unsatisfied and suffer from a lack of time, because in addition to my artistic spirit, I am also a fulfilled wife and mother. My main inspiration comes from landscape, nature, music and children. I love uniqueness and uniqueness. I use encountered, inconspicuous objects in my artwork. I observe colors, textures in everything that surrounds us. I experiment and discover new tools. I try to make every single thing I create as if I were making it for myself. My work gives me a lot of joy and is a great escape from everyday life, it’s a way of expression of my own emotions.

Everything I create is made with love and passion.