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In the Gallery I present my work that has been done in different periods.
They are my quest for creative path, my own means of expression. It is primarily the period of my studies, very active time various experiments and research. As a result of extremely productive and designating a certain direction.
A certain direction ... because the eternal quest is inseparable part of the designer.
Still looking for and discover ...

  • chamotte clay, cube

    My Ceramics

    In my gallery with ceramic works are the products made in different periods. They are made of different kinds of clay, glazed different glazes.Some are cast in a form other modeled by hand. Some fun, experiment...I invite you to look at this ceramic work.

  • mosaic

    My Glass

    I present my work with glass. Have fun with color, texture, translucent light. Very inspiring

  • Nuno felted silk scarf

    Unique Felt

    Products that can be found in this section are sold. However, you can order a similar felted jacket, felted hat or nuno felted silk scarf. In order to discuss the details, please contact me.

    Please remember that each felted product is unique, and it is impossible to reproduce an identical duplicate. The color and shape may be similar. But I'll never be 100% the same.