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Care Instruction

  1. Seller informs that one needs to maintain the care during washing and follow  washing  instructions.
  2. Washing instructions
  1. clothes should be washed gently, by hand in lukewarm water
  2. one may use powder for manual wash, hair shampoo or washing up liquid
  3. one should not rub too strong clothes when washing
  4. clothes should be gently pressed in water , then  water needs to be squeezed  out  of them
  5. one should stretch  clothes gently to restore them to their original shape
  6. leave them to dry
  7. ironing is possible
  1. Seller informs that each Products made from wool is subject to shrinking when washed improperly. Additionally, pressing, rubbing and similar procedures which last too long contribute to shrinking as well.

Please follow washing instructions, improper washing is not grounds for complaint felt products.